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My name is Jorge Gutierrez Garcia, I’m a San Diego based painter. My work represents my obsession of the symbiotic nature between reality and the often unknown dimensions of the mind, the two coexist harmoniously entwined by the threads of the conscious and unconscious mind.

My paintings derive from my own personal struggle between the positive and the negative, through painting I dive straight into both. To me there’s no absolute, instead there is a balance, and we ourselves can tip the balance in either direction.My work is about life’s struggle to become aware of one’s own state of being, about highlighting our flaws and qualities and making an effort to acknowledge them, correcting them if you so choose to.

I balance the dark subjects of my paintings with a colorful pallet creating something that is as i am, both dark and light, joy and pain, love and hate , a creator and a destroyer. To me they are one and the same, just as i am. I paint what i see out in the world as well as the world that is inside of me.

2017 Mural in North Park, San Diego CA. Photograph by Henry Chavez III